4 Steps for Actually Getting Out the Door to the Gym

You have every intention of going to the gym, right? It’s just that you didn’t sleep well last night, you have work to catch up on, your workout clothes are in the wash, etc. We’ve all been there and it’s not pleasant later when the guilt sets in for having skipped your gym time. Here are four steps you can take to get out the door and stay guilt free!

1. Get an Accountability Partner
One of the great benefits of having an accountability partner is that you’re much less likely to skip your workouts! Get with a friend who has similar fitness goals and make a gym date with them. You can spot for each other while using the weight equipment and even get a little bit of healthy competition going. You’re much more likely to get to the gym when you know you risk disappointing someone you care about. In fact, having a support system can be one of the most important factors in whether you’ll be successful with your fitness goals.

2. Pack Your Gym Bag
If you find yourself regularly skipping your workout because you have to spend half an hour hunting down your workout gear, then this is the simplest solution to getting your workouts in. Take the time to get organized and pack all of the things you need to hit the gym the night before. Or better yet, keep a gym bag packed with workout gear, toiletries and a fresh pair of clothes in your house, car or office so you can confidently hit the gym from anywhere.

3. Prioritize Your Gym Time 
It’s easy to skip your gym time when you view it as an option rather than a priority. Your health and wellness should be just as important to you as a clocking in for work or attending a business meeting. Make an appointment with yourself and commit to keeping it! Changing your mindset about working out can be tough, but it’s critical if you want to successfully reach your goals. Find out more about how to change your exercise mindset.

4. Register for a Fun Event
Find an athletic event happening in your area that you think you will enjoy, like a color run or a charity walk. Go ahead and sign up and put it on your calendar, as well as some benchmarks goals to measure your progress. You should allow yourself enough time to train, but the event should be close enough that you’ll be motivated to meet your benchmarks. Make it your goal to win, place or simply finish! Whatever event or activity you choose, make it something you’re excited about training for.