Why Study Finance?

Finance, despite being narrow in focus, happens to be a field with astronomical opportunities and inconceivable earnings. Throughout the years, this degree has been a major priority for many students all over the globe.  If you chose finance, you would see that there is something special about putting on a suit and tie.


Jobs You Can Get with a Finance Degree

Success in finance is only attainable if you have a specific set of must-have peculiarities:

  • Mathematical aptitude
  • Communicative skills
  • Perseverance
  • Persuasiveness

Obviously, it happens that these things aren’t enough to achieve something meaningful in the field of finance. Nevertheless, if you feel passionate about numbers or money, don’t miss your chance to become the next Warren Buffett!

With that in mind, we can progress to the list of work-opportunities that a finance degree can get you:

  1. Financial Analyst.

Your predominant task is to help businesses and individuals make investment decisions.  You are the guy operating with huge amounts of capital – not your own, though. People in this position provide insights for those willing to reach certain investment goals.

  1. Financial Manager.

This guy is responsible for a financial health of the entire organizations. His aim is to make company’s ends meet. Here are his main duties: preparing financial statements, reviewing reports and managing employees.

  1. Personal Financial Advisor.

Here, everything depends on your skills and results. If you are good at analyzing the market and seeking for profitable investments, your potential income will be beyond the bounds of sanity!keep-calm-i-study-finance

  1. Commercial Banker.

Working in a bank has always presented a wide range of opportunities. Your job may vary from a credit department to a personal accountant. Again, everything is up to you.

  1. Insurer.

The industry of insurance is a sweet place for generating an endless sum of profit. Without any doubts, the demand for safety is as high as it never was. Jobs in insurance companies involve helping companies and individuals manage their risks of potential losses.

  1. Realtor.

Real estate careers are also available for finance graduates. Consider that a third of the world’s wealth is contained in the form of real estate. You can be managing mortgages or organizing construction.

  1. Sales Agent.

This is probably the most proliferated and desirable position throughout the whole world. If you watched films like The Wolf of Wall Street, you would know why. Simply stated, this job is all about advising people where to invest, while also connecting buyers of commodities with their sellers.