7 Simple Ways to Use 3D Marketing Products for Your Company

The proliferation of three dimensional prototype products and devices continues to grow, and businesses are finding that getting involved and reaping the benefits of the third industrial revolution isn’t as difficult or as expensive as they may have once thought.

Three dimensional manufacturing, or “micro-manufacturing” is a process by which spatial data is used by a special kind of printer to create an object with arbitrary dimensions and detail. Depending on the equipment used, objects and devices can be created for use in machinery, prototyping and even medical prosthetics.

For the average business, this can all sound like science fiction until you see how people respond to what can be created inexpensively and in quantity. If you are interested in the possibilities of using 3D marketing products in your business, Here are some things to consider.

Intellectual Property 

Like a trademark, a three dimensional object can create more than one intellectual property interest from the same basic design. A 3D representation of your logo, for example, becomes copyrighted the moment it is first created. It can also be trademarked if you plan to use it in commerce. This is true even if the original logo was first designed years or even decades prior. This is because sculptures are eligible for copyright and with few exceptions, unique copyrights are often eligible for trademark protection under certain circumstances.

Action Figures 

Does your business have a mascot? Then you should consider turning your mascot into an action figure. With basic 3D modeling software and a talented professional, you could easily create a full color character similar to what you see in most animated films. Once your character is textured and rigged, you could have that character printed in nearly any quantity and at popular scales. Such figures could be sold or given away as promotions and will steal the show if you’re up against traditional competition at a convention, for example.

Relief Printing 

A 3D printer can create relief prints of any lettering or design on a flat surface. In fact, it can put relief designs on any surface, provided it can be modeled in three dimensional space. Such prints would make eye-catching and relatively inexpensive in-store signage, for example, and can serve as a great feature for exhibits at trade shows.

Business Cards 

Why settle for a two-by-three piece of cardstock with your phone number on it? How about that mascot character standing proudly on a block-style base with your company logo and information in relief print on all four sides? Imagine that sitting on your best client’s desk and reminding them about you day after day!


Coupons are a thing of the past! What if you could replace them with specially printed coins that could be redeemed for promotional products at special events? Put your logo on one side and the product on the other, and you not only have a great promotion but a great marketing tool as well.

Mobile Phone Cases 

The ultimate giveaway. Everyone needs a good mobile phone case. With a 3D printer, you could customize them for every make and model with every design you have.

Product Packaging 

If you are a retailer, you could create custom packaging for your store-owned brands. In fact, if you used 3D printers to manufacture those products, you could create the product and the package all at once!

Business is still coming to grips with the Internet, so it may be some time before 3D printing becomes an everyday thing. In the meantime, using these suggestions will put you years ahead of the competition.