5 Marketing Faux-Pas and How To Avoid Them

Is your marketing making you look bad? Creating a piece of content can feel a lot like giving birth. It can be hard to see flaws in our work after you just spent days pouring your heart and soul into it. Here are five marketing faux-pas to look out for when you are marketing your business.

1. You Don’t Have a USP 

Marketing without a unique selling proposition is like going to a party wearing the same dress as everyone else. You won’t necessarily look bad, but you certainly aren’t going to stand out to anyone. Your company needs a unique selling proposition that tells your prospects what makes you different from the competition. Creating a USP is easy and essential for your brand.

The fix: Follow the six easy steps in the link above to create an awesome USP!

2. Focusing on Yourself 

Imagine you are at that cocktail party again. There is one person there who won’t shut up about themselves. You start to get bored and frustrated listening to them drone on for hours about every minute detail of their life. While this is a well-known social no-no, a lot of marketing material still spends much of the copy gabbing about their company history and awards while failing to connect with the needs and desires of their prospects.

The fix: Make “you” your favorite word to use in your marketing materials. Center the story around the customer and refocus your content strategy around their wants and needs.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Nothing looks worse than a piece of content stuffed with nonsensical keywords and grammatically incorrect strings. Since Google has a strict policy against keyword stuffing, it is unclear why marketers are still doing it. Not only will it hurt your rankings, but it also makes your content unpleasant to read and less authoritative.

The fix: Do keyword research before you start creating content and incorporate keywords naturally into the text.

4. Being Boring 

Squidward Tentacles shouldn’t be writing your blog posts. Your content needs to be engaging and fun across the board. Even serious clients don’t want to read dry materials every day. You don’t always have to incorporate humor, but it can be a breath of fresh air now and then.

The fix: Infuse your content with personality and variation and use different types of media.

5. Posting on Your Schedule 

You can’t expect a post to do well if you send it off at 3 a.m. on Monday morning. If you want to get to the top of your customers’ social media feeds, you should post when they are online. This will allow you to maximize engagement.

The fix: Use analytics to find out when your followers are hanging out online. Hit them with your awesome post as soon as they hop on.

By avoiding these marketing faux-pas, you will look more compassionate and authoritative. Following correct marketing practices will help you increase engagement and build your customer base. By centering your content around your prospects’ needs and schedules, you will position yourself as their best choice.