5 Great Ways to Improve Your Call Answering Service

One of the keys to developing healthy relationships with a customer base is the customer service that is provided over the telephone. Call answering services are an increasingly sizable part of doing business in today’s digital marketplaces. This trend of expecting customer service over the phone isn’t likely to die down anytime soon even if robots someday do the job of answering the phone as has been predicted by the Economist.

With that in mind, you need to provide excellent service to those customers over the phone if you want to retain their business. Below are five great strategies for improving your call answering services.

1. Train Service Reps on How to Display Empathy and Patience

You need to gear some of the training that customer service representatives receive to help make them come across more empathic and patient over the phone. Many customers who call in will already be irate or even angry. Retaining those individuals as customers will require your service reps to show that they have genuine concern regarding the problems the customer is facing.

2. Leverage Big Data

Big data refers to the collection and analysis of huge amounts of data as a means to create competitive advantages. According to Forbes, over 80 percent of businesses believe that big data is helping improve sales. In regards to call center customer service, big data can supply service reps with instant information about customers, their purchase histories, their call histories and much more.

3. Make Sure Your Service Reps are Knowledgeable

Many companies assume that they can simply hire anyone for the position of customer service representative. They think all it takes is a few hours of training and a few scripts to read. However, this isn’t the case. Customers that call in will have extremely specific problems that require technical competence and knowledge to properly troubleshoot. Look for candidates that already have much of the knowledge required. If they don’t, you will have to train them until they are properly educated on the products and technology involved.

4. Choose Hard Workers

Call center representatives need to have a strong work ethic. They shouldn’t be individuals who seem to give up on complex problem solving too quickly. A quality customer service rep should work with a customer to find a proper solution. If the call drags on, that’s fine as long as the representative is working during that time to find a resolution. Leaving the customer unsatisfied will likely mean losing business.

5. Follow Up

One excellent way to insure that your customer service was successful is to follow up with that customer. You should either call back or e-mail a customer who experienced a problem previously to help insure that the issue was completely resolved and the service that was provided was satisfactory.