How To Properly Pack a Portable Storage Container

If you’ve got a portable storage container, you already know how convenient a portable unit can be when preparing for a move. Packing a portable storage container the right way helps ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure while they’re being stored as well as while they’re in transit. The following tips can help ensure that you’re packing your portable unit the right way.

Make sure you have the right packaging supplies.

Making sure that you have the right tools on hand will help packing go a lot more smoothly. Tools like the dolly will help you move heavy items from your home to the unit, while items like furniture pads will protect your items from scratches while they’re locked away. Your list should include the following:

  • loading straps
  • furniture pads
  • bubble wrap
  • packing tape
  • furniture pads

Load the largest, heaviest items first.

Place items like sofas and heavy appliances into the storage unit first. Ultimately, you want to make sure that the weight distribution of your unit remains even and balanced. Do that by placing evenly sized and weighted items opposite sides of each other in the unit. For instance, a large refrigerator would be on the left side of the unit, while large a large sofa will be across the way on the right side of the unit.

Pack heavy boxes on the bottom of the unit, and lighter items on the top.

Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom of the unit, and stack the lighter ones on top of them. The goal is create a solid wall of boxes that won’t shift while being moved from place to place.

Fill in the spaces between the heavy, large items with lighter, smaller boxes.

Fill in the gaps in between your heavy furniture and large boxes with smaller, lighter boxes. By doing so, you’re filling in the empty spaces, creating a snug fit and decreasing the chance of boxes moving and tumbling around.

Cover unit items with a tarp or cardboard if they’re going to be exposed to the sun.

If you’re going to be storing your unit in your driveway in a unit with a translucent top, cover all the items inside with a tarp or cardboard. This will help protect all your precious belongings from exposure to the sun.

It may seem like a lot of prep work goes into preparing your belongings for storage. Think of it this way: the more prep work you do up front, the more time and energy you save yourself later. By packing the unit properly, not only are you protecting your items, but you’re making it easier for them to be removed from the unit safely when you get to your new destination.