7 Unique Bridal Reception Dresses

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things for couples. This process includes considering the best date for the wedding, as well as, the perfect venue. Each year there are couples who choose to have traditional ceremonies. There are also those who want something totally unique. According to The Wedding Report, in 2018 there were at least 2.2+M wedding in the U.S.

One of the top things on the planning list is the apparel for this event. There may be color schemes to consider when it comes to wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, and grooms’ tuxedos. In most instances, those attending the ceremony and reception will try to harmonize with the colors the couple has chosen. This means finding great reception dresses that are both fancy and accentuating.

Let’s take a look at 7 Unique Bridal Reception Dresses to consider.

1 – Fringe Style Dresses 

There are many top designers that offer dresses in this category. Brides.com Magazine displays a formal dress that fits this bill with golden fringes. This is a sleeveless dress with a matching lace bodice.

2 – Long Layered Skirt Dresses 

Straight designs can be found in many of the top retailers for this dress. The long skirt has to distinct and flared layers. This pristine white dress also has long sleeves and is perfect for cool weather.

3 – Lace Midi Dresses

It is possible to find Lace Midi Dresses in a variety of colors. Pastels in pink, yellow, and beige are popular designs. Medium length of these dresses allows you to show some leg and matching pumps.

4 – Halo Shift Dresses 

This is a retro design for dresses that have a mini skirt length. There are Halo Shift Dresses with cottony waifs and a sleeveless display. These are fun and trendy examples that facilitate dancing and movement.

5 – Organza Paneled Silk Mini Dresses 

This dress style is a perfect combination of silk and wool. The see-through sleeves are shimmering in silk, while the mini length dress is made from wool. This is a nice choice for fall and winter receptions.

6 – Off-the-Shoulder Long Dresses 

These are terrific dresses for these formal events. The off-the-shoulder detail makes the dress fun to wear and appealing. These are nice selections in vivid colors, such as red, blue, green, and white.

7 – Cocktail-Length Layered Satin Dresses 

Cocktail-Length Layered Satin Dresses are chic and stylish. These are wonderful for both weddings and receptions. The layers move and sway as you walk, attracting attention. These are stunning, fun choices.

Central to the decision of wedding reception apparel is the season that this event takes place. Women will have to find dresses that are appropriate based upon the temperature and time of year. This is not as important for indoor ceremonies and receptions. Those that take place outside should be accommodated. This means choosing apparel that fits with the season and also looks amazing.