Cigar Etiquette Tips for Everyone

Cigar smoking is best done in relaxed environments. Be careful though; that environment can become tense or awkward when someone does away with proper cigar etiquette. Whether you’re in a cigar lounge or at home with your friends, it wouldn’t hurt to employ these basic tips of cigar etiquette.

First of all, don’t smoke where it’s not allowed. You may love the aroma your cigar leaves in the air, but your host may think otherwise. You should be courteous and follow their rules. No cigar is worth disrespecting your host.

For cleanliness and safety, be mindful of your cigar’s ash. Be sure to ash your cigar in designated spots only. Waving your cigar around could result in ash falling onto your clothing. Even worse, it could fall onto someone else’s.

Be careful of where you blow your smoke. Intentional or not, blowing smoke into someone’s face can cause major trouble. You wouldn’t want to risk getting into an argument because of careless. Also, you wouldn’t want to expose people with asthma or other breathing conditions to your smoke.

While you’re being courteous, make it a point to not insult another smoker’s taste in cigars. When it comes to another’s cigar, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. How would you feel if someone insulted your favorite stick? Even if someone does insult your taste, take the high road and brush it off; you’ll be the bigger man and the better smoker.

Just as you shouldn’t insult another smoker’s choice in cigars, you shouldn’t insult how they choose to smoke those cigars. It doesn’t matter how they cut their cap. It doesn’t matter how they light up. Let them enjoy their cigar how they will. If it bothers you to the degree that you simply must jump in, do so with tact. Make a suggestion, don’t give a command. Cigar smoking is supposed to be a relaxing experience, so don’t stress yourself, or them, over trivial matters.

Cigar snobs can be tough to deal with. Make sure that you are not the cigar snob of your group. Even if you have the most expensive cigar in the world, don’t let it go to your head. A thirty-minute smoke is not worth aggravating or alienating your guests. Only tell them what you’re smoking if they ask.

As you can see, cigar etiquette doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need are some basic manners and common sense to put yourself, and other smokers, in a better light. You might even teach your friends a thing or two.