4 Benefits of Buying Wholesale E-Liquid Bottles

As vapor products grow more popular, the e-liquid market grows fiercer. Whether you purchase e-liquid for your own purposes or for resale, there are great opportunities available to you. One such prospect is the option to buy wholesale, which is not only convenient but provides you with a number of important benefits.

1. Lower Costs

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of buying wholesale—or in bulk—is lower costs. As a consumer, reduced cost means less out-of-pocket expense. Less expense means the freedom to vape more often or enjoy more variety. As a retailer, reduced cost means a greater profit margin but also better profits from increased sales thanks to better prices at the counter. Purchasing in bulk also makes you more resistant to market changes. Buying a lot when prices are low means not having to worry when a distribution shortage causes prices to spike.

2. Resistance to Shortages

When you buy in bulk, you’re not just resistant to inflated prices but shortages of the product itself. As a consumer, having a stock on hand means always having access to your favorite e-liquid flavors and brands at all times. As a retailer, it means having the products your customers want in stock when they want them. People who enjoy vapor generally like their particular flavors and brands. If you don’t have that brand or flavor in stock, that customer is likely to take their business to a retailer that does.

3. More Immediate Access

Another great advantage of purchasing e-liquid wholesale is dealing with a wholesaler rather than a middleman, which may even be another retailer. New products and flavors in particular can be slow to propagate among local retailers and intermediaries. As a bulk purchaser, you have access to those new products as soon as the wholesaler receives them from the manufacturer. You’ll also have access to hard-to-find products and can take advantage of many manufacturer and distributor specials that aren’t always passed on to the consumer.

4. Control Over Storage

Buying in bulk also gives you greater control over how the product is stored. E-liquid is sensitive to high temperatures, light exposure and other factors that can affect taste and consistency. Once a product leaves the manufacturing plant, it must be stored properly in order to ensure the highest quality possible. When you control that stock, you know its cared for the right way. That means better quality for your personal enjoyment and better quality for all of your customers.