6 Creative Ways To Organize Your Office Space

Your home office is an area where you can get work done for an employer and where your children can complete homework or study for tests. It’s best to have your office as organized as possible so that you can easily find what you’re looking for while working. This will allow you to complete tasks in a timely manner so that they can be delivered to the employer or the teacher.

Make a System
One of the best ways that you can get organized is to come up with a system. Add a filing cabinet to keep important papers together and to organize them based on the date and their importance. Boxes can be placed on your desk to hold papers that need to be filed as well as papers that need to be reviewed. A trash basket also needs to be put in place so that you can easily discard of unwanted papers.

Curb Appeal
As with the rest of the home, you need to have an office that is appealing so that you’ll want to work. If you don’t want to be in the room, then you won’t get anything accomplished. Add pictures and bright colors to put you in a pleasant and motivated mood. A fun way to organize your filing cabinet is to divide the drawers into sections that have a different color of wallpaper. You can use stickers to label the wallpaper, making it easy to find the necessary paperwork you need.

Clean Out
If there’s something that you don’t need or use, then throw it away. Go through your pens and pencils, getting rid of those that don’t work or that are too short. This is also a good time to get rid of equipment that no longer works, replacing it with modern items that work faster and have more tools to use for work and school.

Off The Desk
Although it might sound like more work, move all of the equipment off of the desk except for your computer. This includes the printer, copy machine and tower, giving you a clear desk for papers that you’re completing. When you move items off of the desk, pay attention to the size and weight. Get rid of the old items that are heavy, and get new items that are lightweight as these usually won’t take up as much room.

Colorful Boxes
Instead of the boring gray and beige boxes for papers and small pieces of equipment, use a box of a different color with each kind of document that you have. One could be for budgets while another could be for graded papers if your children use your office space.

Hanging Tools
Some of the items that you use on a regular basis can be hung on the wall. Add a shoe rack with pockets to keep all of the items that you might lose in the desk, such as paper clips, rubber bands and thumbtacks. This will keep everything in your sight so that it’s easier to find when needed.