6 Types of Model Cars Selling Well on the Collectors’ Market

Model cars are some of the most popular collectible items in the world, but some are a lot more popular than others. In most cases, they are popular because they are old and have some historical significance within the hobby. In other cases, they’re popular because of the quality of the model itself.

Hot Wheels

A collector could spend their entire life searching for Hot Wheels without ever branching out to other brands. Many do, and they tend to value the limited edition models over most others. While there is a healthy collector’s market for most Hot Wheels cars, those tend to be the most valuable and most exciting finds for collectors.


Matchbox cars have always competed with Hot Wheels, even on the collector’s market. Like Hot Wheels, there are hundreds of different models out there. The value depends heavily on the model and its quality. Some are easy to find and only worth a few dollars, while others are worth a small fortune to the handful of people who can find one for sale. Treasure hunters tend to love the thrill of searching through the markets for a rare bargain.

Aurora AFX

The AFX series was designed for slot car racing, and it dominated that market for about a decade. That led to a huge variety of models, and they all vary quite widely in value. They tend to be somewhere between forty and one hundred dollars, depending on the precise model and their condition. Complete set, including a track, are worth far more and are much harder to find in good condition.

Corgi Model 269 Lotus Esprit

James Bond has always been popular, and his movies are almost as famous for fast cars as they are for espionage. The Lotus Esprit features in The Spy Who Loved Me, and became famous in part because it turned into a submarine. This toy also transforms, which made it very popular when the movie came out. It’s fairly easy to find a worn model for twenty or thirty dollars, but the price ramps up quickly to several hundred if everything is in excellent shape.

Knight Rider 2000 Voice Car

Some models are popular because of nostalgia, and this is one of them. The design is based off of one of the main characters from a popular TV show. As is often the case for tie-in toys, there is still a large collector’s market that includes both model car collectors and dedicated fans of the franchise. Since there were a huge number of the cars made at the time, these tend to be cheap purchases. Cars that are sealed in the original box are the main exception, and can be worth hundreds of dollars.

Stomper 4X4

Stompers were small, accurate models of a variety of vehicles that were designed for use as toys. The originals came out in 1980, and they became popular very quickly. Unfortunately, the kids who bought them put them through heavy use, so there aren’t very many of them left that are in good condition. The modern price depends on their current condition, but many are available at prices that even fairly casual collectors can afford, although the best of them are quite expensive.