4 Important Care Tips for After Your Braces Come Off

After you have your braces removed by your orthodontist, there are several ways that you must care for your teeth to maintain your beautiful smile. Your orthodontist will give you instructions for caring for your teeth so that you will continue to have a healthy mouth. Follow these four tips to maintain your teeth and smile.

Brace Removal Tip 1: Wear Your Removable Retainer

When your braces are removed from your teeth, you must wear a removable retainer for the appropriate amount of time each day and night. This is because when your teeth are no longer feeling any pressure from the brackets and wires of braces, your teeth will begin to shift again. However, a retainer provides gentle pressure against your teeth, keeping the teeth from shifting into the wrong positions. Within a year, your teeth will probably stop trying to move, and your orthodontist will tell you that it is okay to stop wearing the removable retainer.

Brace Removal Tip 2: Clean Your Teeth Thoroughly

While you may have brushed and flossed your teeth carefully during your orthodontic treatment, you probably have a buildup of debris underneath some of the wires and brackets. In addition, the brackets of braces are attached with adhesive resins that will remain on your teeth after the devices are removed. After your braces are removed, you can clean your teeth thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the glue and plaque. Don’t forget to use floss to scrape away the debris that has collected along your gums or between your teeth.

Brace Removal Tip 3: Prepare For Some Discomfort

Having your braces removed can lead to some discomfort in your mouth, but you can prepare for this by having ice packs ready to place on your tender jaw joints. You can also take pain relievers such as acetaminophen or aspirin. It will also hurt to chew certain foods for a few days as your mouth adjusts to not having any wires and brackets on your teeth, so you should continue to consume soft foods that won’t irritate your oral cavity. To maintain the strength of your teeth, make sure to eat nutritious foods such as soft fruits and cooked vegetables.

Brace Removal Tip 4: Continue To Visit Your Orthodontist

When your braces are removed, you should continue to visit your orthodontist so that she can determine if your teeth are continuing to shift into the wrong positions. If your teeth continue to move around, then you will need a permanent retainer that is customized for your mouth. These devices are attached to your teeth to remain in place until your teeth stop shifting. Some individuals must wear permanent retainers for the rest of their lives.