How to Make Money When Moving: 3 Surprising Ways

People who are moving usually hold a yard sale to sell the items they don’t want to take with them, but there are better ways to make money. You don’t want to rely on your neighbors to buy your unwanted items. While there are numerous ways to save money on your move, it can actually be harder to make money on the move itself.

Selling Boxes
When you’re on a budget with your move, it’s possible to gather boxes from local grocery and liquor stores for free. Head inside the grocery store to the produce section and ask about boxes they’ve received for their fruit. Liquor stores can have boxes out in the back in a recycling container. Make sure you’re asking before you take boxes. After the move, you can sell those boxes on a site like Craigslist or BoxCycle. You can make as much as $2 per box depending on the size.

Selling Your Furniture
While you could sell your old furniture online, it might make more sense to sell good furniture at a consignment shop. The shop will place the item on its showroom floor and take a cut of the money once it sells. They’ll be responsible for all the advertising, so you won’t have to work hard to sell the item. This is great for unique furniture or ones that you don’t want to sell for cheap. Make sure that you understand that it could take weeks to find the right buyer, and the consignment shop has control over the price of the item.

Old Clothing Sales
If you want to sell your clothes instead of donating them or having a yard sale, you can turn them into cash at a clothing exchange like ThredUP. You sign up for an account, and they’ll send you a bag for your clothing. You send it back to them filled with your used clothing items. They normally take clothes that are in great condition and are considered high-end items. They’ll photograph and sell your clothing. You’ll end up with a check to buy more clothes later.

These are just 3 ways in which you can sell items before or after your move. You can also save money by not having to pack and move as many of your items. When you have less furniture, that cuts down on moving costs considerably too.