The Hottest Door Lock Trends of 2017

Door locks are constantly evolving to suit different needs and purposes. Let’s take a look at the hottest door lock trends of 2017.

Cylinder deadbolts:
Cylinder deadbolts are on the rise due to their simplistic design. A knob rotates on a single cylinder to maneuver the deadbolt. Because they are so compact, you can install these deadbolts on nearly any door. Other locks are reserved for larger door hinges or shelves, causing a problem if that is the only available type. These deadbolts are terrific for presents or gifts. Several of them come with a key on one side and the knob on the other side. This versatility is awesome for homes that want a more personal environment. Many stores offer deadbolts in other shapes that also have potential for a huge surge on the market.

Once upon a time, brass was an extremely popular medium. In the past few decades, it has fallen out of favor for synthetic materials that might be cleaner and lighter. Nevertheless, brass popularity has risen over the last year. Experts believe that homeowners are looking for locks with an immense sense of security, which brass accomplishes well. High quality brass has a polished appearance that cannot be matched by a polysynthetic surface. If you take care of these door locks, they can overcome their temporary stereotypes and be truly powerful locks. Look for distributors that specialize in brass and talk to a representative about special deals and offers.

Chain guards:
Chain guards were once exclusively a feature of hotels. Today, they have expanded to homes, restaurants, and offices. While it can be confusing to tell whether other mechanisms are locked or unlocked, chains are quite obvious about their position. Wherever you see a traditional lock, realize that a chain guard is a decent replacement if you want to be more conspicuous. Buy aesthetic chains for a sense of professionalism. It is definitely possible to maintain beauty while converting to these unorthodox chains.

Multiple locks:
In this century, there are valuable locations that could require extra security. Property owners have been tending to multiple locks to get this job done. By positioning these locks across the span of the doorframe, it is extremely difficult for an intruder to bypass these provision. Two locks are common, but three or even four locks are feasible. Depending on the scenario, you can choose to utilize the same key or register different keys for the various locks. Because many companies operate on a large scale, identical keys are best for efficiency.